Babu Bangaram Dont miss this date now.

We know that sounth indian top actress is Nayanthara She is already suffering with here call sheets but she is skipping all the Telugu movie shooting schedules She is doing more than 6 movies in Tamil now. As of now she is already busy with Babu bangaram movie in Telugu that is been directed by Maruthi and Venkatesh as a hero.

The movie unit recently thinking about the movie release in July 22nd or 27th the thing is like actress Nayanthara is skipping all the scheduled dates and movie getting late day by day. But Now she said okay for the schedule planned and she is doing the shooting in high pace Nayanthara has given nod to attend shoot soon.

But Movie unit are finalized to release the movie on prefect date that is been decided by Maruthi and co that is on July 29th they dont want to miss this date now. Actually, Babu Bangaram release has been delayed several times, only because of Nayanthara who is not attending shooting on scheduled dates.

Now there are planning to release on July 29thand this wont go wrong said my movie makes. Already from the teaser itself the movie has been created huge expectations from the fans of Venkatesh because he is playing a cop role. The audio will be out on July 9 and trailer also on the same day. Lets hope Babu Bangaram to release on same date they planned.


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