Bruner loses Texas runoff.

Mary Lou Bruner from Texas who made sensational comments on president Obama that he is a male prostitue, this become the vulgar news across facebook and she lost her Republican election Tuesday for a spot on the State Board of Education.Bruner made the posts last summer and fall in which she wrote, among other things, that Obama worked a male prostitute in his 20s to pay for a drug habit and that Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan looked like a terrorist when he had a beard.

Bruner, a former school teacher, lost the runoff by a wide margin to Keven Ellis, the school board president of Lufkin Independent School District. With 93% of the vote counted, Ellis lead 59% to 40%. “When I wrote those things, I wasn’t even intending to run for the State Board of Education. I had no idea that I would,” she said. “I was actually calling people and trying to get them to run people with my values and I couldn’t find anyone. They kept saying, ‘Well, why don’t you run?”


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