C kalyan about Jena sena and Pawan Kalyan

As we all know that C kalyan has been facing allegations in several cases although he is a member of film industry is had commented on Pawan kalyan apporach into elections. He said that Pawan Kalyan and his Jena sena party wont get any support from Film industry yet all. As of now Pawan Kalyan said that he will participate in general election of 2019 in both the states. And his party Jena sena got registered recently in Election Commission's Andhra Pradesh unit and in Telangana Last year.

C Kalyan said in the interview that “Film industry will not support Pawan Kalyan. Films and politics are different. Even if Pawan seeks support as Jana Sena president, I doubt if anyone from the industry would support him,” he also said that "Even if Pawan Kalyan invites to join me in his party and offers me ticket to contest on Jana Sena, I’ll turn it down. I don’t take it."


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