Escape the Heat at Red signal.

Heat wave conditions very likely to prevail any where in india now Nagpur came up with an innovative idea to cover areas of traffic signals with large tarpaulin sheets enough to keep the two wheelers at signal under its shade. More over all the two wheelers are sufferening from heat at Red signals in the traffic. If public traveling in cars and buses with rooftops it will save them to some extent from the heat. While it comes to two wheelers like bikes scooters there wont be any protection so that why Nagpur authorities

came up with this idea. Few people opine that Nagpur traffic authorities have succeeded in curbing traffic violations with this sun cover, because commuters want to stop at red signals and do not dare to jump the signal line and get fried. Though that was not the real intention of authorities, it is working out in two ways after all. Hope our traffic departments too get inspired and buy some tarpaulin covers meanwhile.


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