Food that should not eat by men in snacks

As we all know that there are so many junk foods that we eat daily in the life that make cause to different health ill effects of the life snacks targeted for fit consumers, and convenient cheat meals you indulge in from time to time do more damage to your health than you think or care to admit. Aside from keeping your abs sheathed in a layer of fat, the preservatives and potentially dangerous chemicals lurking in your pantry and fridge can cause a slew of long-term problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

1.White Bread

white bread

Greater things have come about since the invention of sliced bread. Not to say all carbs are bad and should be avoided completely, but you should avoid white pastas, rice, and breads. When white bread is made, it’s actually stripped of its essential B vitamins, wheat germ and fiber, leaving a processed byproduct that raises your insulin, plummets energy levels, and increases weight gain when consumed. Opt for whole grain instead; it’ll give you longer-lasting energy.


2. Soy



Too much soy could have unfortunate side effects for men. According to a study published in the Oxford Journal, men who consumed just half a serving of soy-based foods daily over the span of three months had 41 million sperm/ml less than men who didn’t consume soy foods at all (the average concentration of sperm ranges between 80 and 120 million/ml). Researchers believe isoflavones plant compounds with estrogen like effects found in soybeans may be to blame. If you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, look to other meat-free muscle-building foods.

3. Baked Goods


Doughnuts, cake, cookies, and muffins damn it if they aren’t delicious, but man are they sugar bombs. One measly donut will cost you anywhere from 200 to 500 calories and packs 25 to 50 grams of sugar. Wonder how your favorite packaged cookie stacks up? Three Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies yield 160 calories and 8 grams of fat. But let’s be honest: Do you ever stop after three? We didn’t think so. Whether you’re hitting up the local bakery or Little Debbie, any and all baked goods will cause rapid weight gain and poor digestive function.

4. French Fries


French fries are deep-fried in oils and trans fats, a major cause of heart attacks. Strike one. The potatoes themselves are high on the glycemic index, leading to an increase in insulin levels, which is bad for your health and waistline. Strike two. French fries also contain acrylamide, a known carcinogen that forms when foods are baked or fried at high temperatures. Strike three

5. Microwave popcorn



Popcorn seems harmless enough, what with air pop and stove-top options that turn the movie theater staple into a decent source of satisfying fiber. But most times, popcorn is overloaded with unhealthy fats, sky-high sodium levels, and in some cases, laced with carcinogens. Diacetyl is a cancer-causing chemical found in popcorn’s artificial fat, while Perfluorochemicals, linked to thyroid disease and ADHD, are added to make the microwavable bag grease-proof.



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