Forbes survey on top brands.

Forbes The top brands in the world six times over the past seven years and each year the same brand proves to be a cut above. Apple is once again No. 1 at $154.1 billion.

We measure the value of a brand by looking at the financials instead of fuzzy consumer surveys. The most valuable brands are ones that generate significant earnings in industries where branding plays a major role. Brands are all in U.S. dollars and converted at April 25 exchange rates.

Top countries: U.S. (52 brands), Germany (11), Japan (8), France (6), Switzerland (4).

Top industries: Technology (17 brands), Financial services (13), Autos (12), Consumer package goods (10), Luxury (8), Retail (8).

Biggest gainers: Facebook (44%), Netflix (31%), Google (26%), Amazon 25%), Citi (19%).

Biggest losers: IBM (-17%), Coach (-13%), Caterpillar (-11%), Siemens (-8%).

New brands in top 100: CVS (#47), BASF (#73), Netflix (#79), Uniqlo (#91), T-mobile (#93), Corona (#95), Costco (#100).

Average one-year gain for top 100: 6%.

Cumulative value for top 100: $1.8 trillion.


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