GHMC ready to smash 800 buildings.

We all know that Hyderabad is an Historical Place of Nizam people they have been constructed so many momuments in the City Hyderbad so many buildings since 100 years were still using by people of Hyderabad. This is been shocking news to the people who all are living in such a old construction buildings.

GHMC Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation are now ready to demolish those buildings, due to heavy rainfall across the city. Thunderstorm’s has been high in Hyderabad this time so GHMC decided to demolish those building because people who are living in that building may be in risk of there life. In the last week, a hardware business man who lived in a 100 year old building lost his life. But despite that, people continue to stay inside the building.

Now GHMC decided to demolish over 800 buildings in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) area that are in a shaky condition. Now GHMC takes stern action and they issue notices under Section 456 and 459 of the HMC.


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