Hopes on next movie only

As we all know that Hero Varun Tej is doing his 4th movie now. Upto now he didn’t get commercial success from the recent 3 movie which are Mukunda, Kanche, Loafer Though Kanche got National Flim award for best feature film in Telugu But upto now he didnt get the success with commerical things. Even in Loafer also it has become huge loss for all the distributor because film does not do will at box office.

But in Mega family 2nd movie work outs for everyhero like for Ramcharan Magadheera, Allu Arjun Aarya, Pawan Kalyan Gokulam lo Seeta, and Sai Dharma Teja Pilla nvu leni Jivitham. But Varun teja recieved 2nd film ‘Kanche’ which won critical applause. Now Varun is more confident of his 4th movie because in Mega family fourth movie also got huge success for everyone as Pawan with “Tholi Prema” Ram charan with “Racha”, Allu arjun with “Happy” and Sai dharma Teja with “Supreme” . So now mega fans are waiting for Varun 4th movie it should get huge success with all the commercial elements there. Lets hope for Varun Teja and Srinu Vytla movie for huge success.


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