Infosys employee attacked to dead in Chennai

A woman from IT company Infosys was dead in the hands of a man who had allegedly stalked her for months. This incident was happen in the Railway station of Chennai in the morning the wowan is actually waiting for her train at 6:45 am. They had some argument before that but unfortunately he, attacked her with a sickle he was carrying in a bag. The woman, struck in her neck and face, collapsed. The people around the station says that to police that the man came up to her and after a heated argument, attacked her with a sickle he was carrying in a bag.

The woman, struck in her neck and face, collapsed all this is happened in Nungambakkam railway station and there where no CCTV cameras in the station and that too station will be one of the bussinest in Chennai.

Railway police says that they have strong leads, A man used to attacked her at her workplace 60 km from Chennai, police sources said to media.and Infosys said that : “We are saddened by the unfortunate incident that has led to the demise of our employee in Chennai. We are working with the local authorities as they investigate the matter and will continue to provide our co-operation and support.” and her friends said that “When I heard the news, I thought it can’t be her. But when I saw her photo in an article on Facebook, I realized it was her. She used to take this train every morning.”


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