KTR failed to achieve 100 day action plan.

As me all know I.T and Panchayathi raj Minister KTR decalared the Hyderbad manifesto of 100 day project in the month of Feb 2016. He circulated the TRS manifesto released during GHMC polls to all officials at the meeting. And he said that will change the existing municipal acts and said that people participate in development of GHMC.

He also said that TRS manifesto aim is to develope the Hyderabad a clean, green, safe and smart livable city. All these is done by KTR in Feb 2016. Now 100 days has been completed and no development activities have been seen in Hyderabad till now.

Upto now only 50% of work has been done like road repairs, digging of rainwater harvesting pits were achieved under this much-publicised programme, that was launched after the TRS wrested civic polls in February 2016. But in the manifesto mentioned GHMC has mentioned that target of recarpetting 569 damaged road stretches, building 50 new bus bays, constructing compound walls for 350 identified open spaces and make the approval process for the Layout Regularisation Scheme (LRS) faster.


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