Raghvendra Rao threat to Ravindra

A 28 year old script writer Ravinder attacked the Senior most director popularly known as Dasrshakendra K Raghavendra rao saying that director cheated him by not paying remunaration or giving him credit in the titles for his Script Sriramadasu.

The parents of Ravindra informed that Ravindra has completed his B.Ed and approched Raghavendra Rao with the Sriramadasu script in 2003.Raghavendra Rao who was pleased by the script promised to offer 15lakhs and the writer's credit to Ravindra, but gave nothing.Now,he was taken into judicial custody and his parents are worried about him.They said that they had threat from the KRR and pleaded the KCR’s government to protect them and his son.

"After doing several rounds to Hyderabad and KRR’s residence regarding his compensation, dejected Ravindra might have decided to take on the director out of frustration," said Ravindra’s parents.


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