Revanth Reddy calls for Hunger strike

As we all know the firbrand leader of the TDP Revanth Reddy calls for a hunger strike in Medak.He said that the Telangana government is forcibly taking the land from the farmers for the Mallana Sagar project.On his visit to Kukunurpally of Medak district on Wednesday he has interacted with the affected farmers.

They informed that the state government is  purchasing there land at low cost they had alleged that the government was forcibly taking away their lands as per GO 123 by offering a compensation of Rs. 5.83 lakh per acre.He asserted the farmers that TDP would fight for getting the market rate for the land and has set a deadline of 15 days for the state government to meet the demands of these farmers.He also have declared that he will do a Hunger strike for about 48 hours for seeking compensation on land at market prices.









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