Roads no longer problem for GHMC

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation which is responsible for the maintanence of roads is now going to hand over the responsibilty to some other private company which will take all the measures for the maintenance and restoration.Thus the roads are no longer a problem for GHMC but still it owns the roads.

The road network connectivity will be handed over to a private company for maintenance and restoration with every road having a Geo Tag and a unique number. Hyderabad on the whole has 9099 Kilometer of roads and 4173 are bitumen (BT) roads.Each year maintenance of these roads alone cost 400 Crores. Once privatized, the company will be held responsible for damages and restoration.

Road cutting and repairs will be handed over to a single agency. City’s roads will be divided into zones depending on traffic and geography.The divisions will be done by GHMC engineers and a city traffic team. Each zone will be a “unit” and GHMC will fix charges, called Standard Schedule Rate (SSR), per unit. And after the rates are finalized GHMC will invite companies.


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