Suicide Letter to KCR from Bio Science Student.

Prameela from Devarakonda Village Nalgonda district commits suicide due to failed get her into government Job and, She wrote a letter to the CM KCR and requested him to change the TET exam pattern were many students fail to reach there goals in carrer.

As she is been an M Sc student she dont even have good touch with Maths from the Class tenth. She said that no M Sc student will qualify for TET exam pattern as she said that we are from Bio science student did not have a good knownledge in maths. She say that it is too tough to score marks in maths because they are from Bio Science students. She aslo said that please change the pattern for Bio science students instead of maths replace them with mental ability pattern in TET. No Bio Science will not struggle with the given pattern now.After her father died , Prameela’s mother push her education the limits to meet the ends and also earn enough for daughter’s. Prameela wanted to become a support to her mother and she completed her degree and B.Ed.

Prameela committed suicide by consuming Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala and was taken to a hospital in Hyderabad where she died.


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