Suriya 24 Movie review.

The Director Vikram Kumar new movie Suriya 24 movie has been releasing today in the theater as per preview show review. Audiences seems to be it is a hollywood flick for Indian movie and this will be a scientific fiction about the time travelling . The screenplay and script narration everything has been highlights of the movie. Surya in triple role mesmerize everyone.

The villian role has been awesome in the movie this will make audience a eye feast. Athreya Characterization made a perfect role in the movie, and the romance in the 1st half has been super Kaalam yen Kaadhali song situtation has been major highlights of the movie in first half. Surya best performances ever seen. He’s stupendous as the evil antagonist. Romantic plot with pretty girl, Samantha and climax has been awesome with lot of VFX effects.

Positive points:

1. Interval Twist

2. Athreya Characterization

3. “Kaalam yen Kaadhali song”

4. Surya best performances

5. VFX work

Negative points:

1. A bit bore in the middle

2. Dragging scenes

3. Misuse of Time Freeze technique

Rating: 3.25/5


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