Tobacco Market declining making farmers Unhappy

Tobacco growers in the telugu cities are totally disappointed because of the declining prices.There is steady declination in the prices of the different grades of the Virgina Tobacco on Southern Black soil and the South light soil.Although most of the cigarette manufacturers stopped production because the prices may go down since the  e-auction started in the district and it began on a bright note with bright grade tobacco fetching a price of Rs.151 per Kg in Tangutur.

And the farmers hoped for releasing a better average price of at least Rs. 145 per kg of tobacco to make good their losses incurred during last year.Regarding this the Tobacco Board member Ch. Ranga Rao said, “Market is declining so bad each day. Union Government is drawing traders into a syndicate to deny fair price to farmers, remains indifferent to the plight of peasants. We hoped the market will move upwards and towards North India once exporters got firm orders from abroad.But this did not happen.” He also said that it is unfortunate that State Agriculture Minister P. Pulla Rao never fixed an appointment with Union Commerce Minister Nirmala Seetharaman to press for market intenvention.



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