We need bilateral military tie up with India – Pentagon

The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, they said that US need further We need bilateral military tie up with India in future and grow our relationship. The press secretary Peter cook stated that “The (US Defence) Secretary is very pleased with the progress that we’ve made with regard to the military-to- military relationship with India, and he’s very much enjoyed his ongoing work with Minister Parrikar and looks forward to having that relationship grow even further,”Recently US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter visited India by that he said that We need defence relationship between the two countries as strategic handshake.

“I think the Secretary’s reference highlights his own view about how so much of what India is working towards in terms of both its economic policies and its security policies mesh so well with US policies in the same vein. I think that’s what the secretary was referring to with that  handshake,” Cook said in response to a question. “It’s very consistent with our re-balance to the Asia Pacific. I think he was trying to make that point in a very illustrative way,” he said.


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