Will shivaji? or Pawan Kalyan??

This is now going to be popular word in Andhra Pradesh politics now the “Special status” to Andhra Pradesh state. All the party’s and all other leaders are now fighting for the `Special category status’ (SCS). However, TDP Government should achieve the Special Status at any cost. Andhra Pradesh Government and other partys of AP wont go back for Special Category Status (SCS) to the state. The only criteria which the state of Andhra Pradesh can lay claim is its non-viable nature of finances.

For this hero shivaji is trying to hold this issue as a major one that help him in Andhra Pradesh politics. He said that Andhra Pradesh people has been disappointed so much about the No special status for the state. He aslo said that people agitate on roads. The TDP is not doing it as it is the ruling party. YSR Congress will also not irk the Central government due to corruption cases pending against the YSRCP boss Jagan.

It seems like Shivaji will make fasting for this issue he may do some dharnas active participation for the special status. If and when there is a spark among people, then rather than the unpredictable Pawan Kalyan, Shivaji may be seen as their leader.


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