Woman Kim O’Connor says everything happened in 60 sec

Harambe, A 17 years old western lowland gorilla 400-pound was killed saturday after a four years old boy drag through a barrier and fell into the moat in the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

The gorilla dragged the boy around before emergency responders shot and killed the gorilla. The boy sustained non- life scary injuries. After seeing video of tense moments at the Cincinnati Zoo after a boy fell into an exhibit and was dragged by a gorilla, prompting zoo staff to shoot the animal, many people went to social media to blame someone.

But the woman who recorded the incident said she wants to set the record straight. Kim O’Connor says many people talking on social media have it all wrong. She says what happened at the zoo that day was no one’s fault, but rather a tragic accident. O’Connor’s phone recorded the disturbing video of a gorilla dragging a young boy and the screams at the zoo heard around the world.

She says all she wanted that Saturday was a snapshot of the gorilla. She says within about 60 seconds, everything changed when she “heard a splash.”


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