Words getting Strong on TRS

Now the war of Words getting strong against TRS party and Harish Rao by the Opposition party leaders in the two issues one is about the Mallannasagar irrigation project and other is 12 per cent quota for Muslims and other issues. On the Muslim quota issue the Congress leaders are firing on TRS and TDP leader with issue of Mallannasagar irrigation project.

By this Harish Rao said about of Mallannasagar irrigation project that “Every kind of conspiracy is being hatched to stall the projects. But we are determined to complete Mallannasagar and other irrigation projects, come what may. In past 56 years, not even a single irrigation project and canal was constructed in Medak district.”

By this TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy attacked on Harish Rao about the Irriigation Project that Harish is lying and We met Pulichintala victims and asked them what they needed in compensation and said Harish Rao is just threatening farmers. He added that Why MIM leader are listen about the issue of Muslim quota at KCR and TRS leaders.


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